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Sahir Lodhi: Why can’t we look away

Sahir Lodhi is in the news again. This time he has burst out in a pro-nationalist fit of righteous rage in response to a young girl’s girl’s well-meaning feminist speech. The girl ‘challenged’ Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in rhyme by saying that present day Pakistan was not a place that was safe for women.

Not known for tolerating dissenting opinions Lodhi, could not control his emotions and exploded at the girl demanding to know “Who gave you the permission to question the services of Jinnah?”

Is it just me or does the enraged outburst give any one “Who made you a demi god” vibes?


The star started his career as a radio-jockey and went on to host shows on TV channels. He rose to fame due to his morning shows and Ramadan transmission. His mass appeal could not be impacted by the haters who have continued to criticize him (perhaps justifiably so).  He has succeeded in gaining fans, particularly for his live shows. All this despite his sometimes lowbrow humor and cheesy gimmicks and OTT speeches.

He is truly in his element during Ramadan Transmissions. As a host he knows how the art of engaging masses. His latest show Ishq Ramazan has a fan following that audiences enjoys for it’s old school appeal. this is perhaps best exemplified by its soundtrack which (of course) star Sahir Lodhi himself, as a father struggling to maintain work life balance. The track is performed by Shafqat Amanat Ali and is directed by Rizwan Ahmad. 


The video depicts all the duties which must be fulfilled during Ramazan like caring for others, sharing happiness and providing support in sorrows, doing good deeds for others without getting credit and helping people who are less privileged. During Ramazan, all TV channels start their transmissions and famous celebrities are seen on each channel. But the way Ishq Ramzan has taken a start with excellent video is quite impressive. It has been accepted by viewers in a very surprising manner.

This will be Sahir Lodhi’s first inning post his film Raasta. Promotions have kicked off and the first, the high budget OST of Ishq Ramazan has garnered attention and the first episode has already sparked controversy.  Business as usual, it seems for attention seeking Sahir Lodhi.                


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