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Sachal Studios makes beautiful GOT music

HBO produced TV show ‘The Game of Thrones’ popularly known as ‘GoT’ over the years has become a global rage, and Pakistani audiences are no strangers. The show already in its 7th season has generated huge online buzz, with the show’s iconic characters turning into memes and household names, fans vehemently discussing the show on various online forums (no spoilers, please!), and several YouTube musicians covering the main GoT theme.  

GoT fever has also garnered a huge number of Pakistani fans, and a plethora of localized memes and other visual content has popped up. Every season sends social media users into a frenzy with some trolling  viewers by leaking spoilers online. Some Pakistani indie musicians fans have also tried their hands on the GoT theme.

However, none comes close to the rendition released online by Sachal Studios. Sachal Studios possess Pakistan’s best and perhaps the country’s only professional orchestra, and are one of the few studios that possess the ability to record an entire orchestra live. This also explains why the orchestra has garnered international acclaim, and has performed in many countries.

Their GoT theme is recorded live and is majestic.

It possesses high quality musicianship and production values unlike the versions rendered by other indie bands. The musicians engaged are definitely the cherry on top, since each one of them possesses decades of experience. The highlight of the entire experience is flute player Baqar Abbas – the performer has played for several national and international iconic artists, including Strings, Hadiqa Kiani, Coke Studio and various others. He puts an eastern twist on the rendition, and takes the listener on an emotional journey through his flute playing.     

Art initiatives like Sachal Studios must be appreciated since they are not only inspiring the newer generation of artists, but are also creating a new identity for Pakistan in the global arena.   

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