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Amir Zaki’s last song ever released

Just a few months after Amir Zaki’s death his haunting, powerful tracks remain the most-played on all Pakistani rock fan’s playlists. His voice and guitar riffs live on in the songs that made him famous and the generation of musicians he inspired.

For all of us who miss his distinctly recognizable bluesy rock sound one last single of the legend has been released online called “Aaj Sune ke Tera Naam.”

The melancholy ode to a long lost love was a work in progress with singer Maha Ali Kazmi with the maestro at the time of his death.

Kazmi shared the song online saying: “Aamir Zaki and I worked on this song years ago. Unfortunately, it remained a work in progress. I’m dedicating this song here to the memory of Pakistan’s greatest Musician ever.” 

The singer calls the song a tribute to Pakistan’s most admired guitarist.  The lyrics and music are by Amir Zaki while the vocals were performed by Maha Ali Kazmi.

Listening to her haunting voice will send  chills up your spine, leaving a unforgettable impression of this composition on your mind

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