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Baaghi to kick off on July 27th

The drama serial tracing Qandeel Baloch’s life story Baaghi headlined by Saba Qamar is set to hit television airwaves on July 27th. The serial much like it’s subject has been the topic of heated debate and controversy.  

The first full length trailer does little to dissipate to the mystery and answer the question that has been on many minds: will Baaghi tell a complex story of a woman who willingly thwarted social norms or of a victim of circumstance who was bullied by the men in her life – or possibly both?   

The latest trailer shows Qamar as Fouzia: a vivacious village girl who ardently dreams of becoming wildly successful. We cut to the future and see her later in life – tattooed, rising to YouTube fame and pushing boundaries.  The stand out moment is a male voice-over saying, “Mainey tumhara naam change kar diya.“ 

Viewers also get a look into her home with an overbearing father who is resolved to marry her off and insight on  how men throughout her life felt undermined by her candor and courage.


“Qandeel represented the double standards that exist in our society. She had the courage to expose how two-faced people could be.” – Saba Qamar

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