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Come Dine With Me: Yaki

It seems opening a pan-Asian restaurant in Karachi is a sure fire formula for culinary success. Market, Soi, and the not so creatively named Pan Asia have all popped up over the past few months to eager customers with cravings for tuna or pad thai.

With so much of the same available it is surprising that Yaki manages to stand out.

The restaurant a sanctuary for food lovers if reviews are anything to go by. What makes the restaurant unique – we headed there to find out.

The word Yaki means “grill” or “how do you like it” so it is no surprise to find an open teppanYAKI grill that fills the restaurant with enticing steam. The menu also includes Chinese, Japanese and Thai food.

We sampled a variety of sushi, from sashimi to nigiri, at the dedicated Yaki Sushi Bar. The servers were well informed and friendly.

Next, we tried the juicy dynamite prawns and tangy lemon chicken. The chicken was sweet and just a little sticky. One of the best dishes we tried were the wasabi prawns – the presentation was superb. We also tried out Japanese stir fried noodles ‘yaki udon’ – these are thick noodle loaded with vegetables.  

This place did not disappoint us – beginning from the stylish layout to the basement area everything was impeccable. The fare is quite reasonable with mains ranging from Rs 560-1000 and sushi starting at approximately Rs1000

If you want to try a new place for oriental food, this is the place for you.

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