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Day 2: Backstage notes from #FPW17

The backstage of a fashion show like #FPW17 is a madhouse: an army tirelessly puts their day and night to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. This is where you see the tons of hard work that goes into making the show look fabulous in the eyes the rest of the world.

The world backstage is like the beast to the beauty that are fashion shows – the #NoFilter of fashion where I discovered that some of the most striking models could look average as your girl-next-door, some of them indulge in cheesy pizza and soft drinks just like me. It’s where I got to see that behind the façade of all the glam, the fashion crew are just as human as us.

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The moments before the show are an influx of eleventh-hour changes, last- minute action and a whole lot of madness. However, there’s a method to this madness, with the clock ticking and the pressure building to put on the best show out there, it’s like everyone involved is fighting their own battle to do their part right.


Truth be told, fashion shows are a great lot of unknowns. With people running late, tempers flaring, last-second wardrobe fails, emergency fixes, it’s no wonder that things get a little frantic behind the scenes of a fashion week.


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Before I began working in the industry I used to think that backstage would be all glam, but it’s mostly hectic with zero breathing space, packed with a few dozen models, assistants, designers, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, managers, photographers, publicists, and other fashion elite who are there to ensure everything is perfect before hitting the runway.

First looks are the easiest, the models line up and wait. And then the chaos begins…

What seems like mere seconds pass before the first show models are off the runway and running towards the wardrobe, kicking off their shoes, throwing jewelry, yanking off their clothes and pulling the next dress on.


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Adrenaline pumps throughout the backstage, fueled by the booming soundtrack, people shout at the top of their lungs, everyone scrambles to get the next look ready in less than 30 seconds. It goes by in a flash and the models are up once again in the right order for sauntering gracefully down the ramp.

It takes countless sleepless nights to make an hour and a half long show happen.

Despite the glam factor, fashion weeks are the demanding events. And because for them to be a success, timing is everything, it’s like a traffic jam at rush hour. But somehow, amidst all the madness, it all comes together.

Unless you are directly involved it is easy to feel out of place like an outsider, like you are trespassing into someone else’s territory, intruding into someone’s affairs. Though everyone’s super sweet to you but you get the feeling that you are bothering them by asking them for time that they can’t spare, whether it’s for pictures, interviews or anything else. But come what may, there’s always time for a few fun moments, a few silly selfies, some fiercely stunning looks, and some unforgettable newfound camaraderie.

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