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Desi girls are getting inked…but only for a week

Ever spotted a minimalist butterfly tattooed on a university girl’s ankle or inches of tribal art on your colleagues forearm and wished you had a tattoo of your own? The only problem is your pain threshold is kind of low…and what if you change your mind…and you once heard it was against Islam?

For the many desis who hesitate to commit to a real tattoo, mainstream Pakistani artists have created edgy washable ink for adults that can be forgotten in a matter of days. Temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore.

This creative body is a fun way to change up your look without committing to a real tattoo. The customizable tattoos are available in almost every style, shape and size. Don’t worry these are no bubble gum wrapper stick ons that will start peeling away as soon as you step out of the air conditioner, these tattoos are easy to wash off and stay put for a long time (around 3-7 days).

Shop this modern look few pages that have a huge variety of vibrant, traditional and unique temporary tattoos:


Lahore based art shop Prisms and Paintbrushes stock a variety of water colored and line art designs.  You can find almost whatever you’re looking for from hand drawn retro Urdu feminist slogans to cute doodles. They also have detailed white henna designs, gold and silver tattoos that will make you forget about regular mehndi. Their temporary tattoos make you feel like a desi unicorn, flaunting your own style.



If you had fantasies of driving your Harley in to the sunset then look into getting a customized tattoo from this not so creatively named online shop. This place has lots of old school eagles and scorpions for bicep flexing at the gym or guitar riffing. Filled with a variety of options to choose from starting from the basic geometrical shapes to Chinese metaphors. You can get almost anything and everything customized into the form of a temporary tattoo.


Local goths and emos searching for a tattoo that represents their inner darkness can head to Tatoosh in both Lahore and Karachi. Their collection ranges skulls, crows and dragons to pretty jewelry tattoos that are available in metallic gold and silver. Their designs are highly detailed.


Bohemian style tattoos are available at Fareeha’s Creations. Her collection is stocked up with owls, hummingbirds, musical notes, triangles and all things hipster! So grab a tattoo sheet and embrace your love for art

All in all, don’t be another brick in the wall ! Stand out with a tattoo of your choice, with the help of these pages I’m sure you’ll find something that makes sense to you and if mom comes at you with a flying chapal, just grab a glass of water and start washing it away before your face gets embossed with size.



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