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Why is every one #SwitchedOff?

You wake up at 7, get ready and leave for office, which is just a 10-minute drive away, however, it takes you 30 minutes to reach, sometimes it even takes up to 45 minutes. At 5 when you got free from office, it again takes the same amount of time to reach home, Ahhh… You get seriously fed-up of this life, the same routine daily with no change or improvement is slowly getting to you. And you wistfully wish to not feel switched off and not have to deal with this over and over again. Sounds familiar?

Seems like we’re not the only ones who’re fed up of mundane things in their lives.

If you haven’t yet seen the increasingly popular trend # Switched Off on social media, just click on the hashtag and browse through the myriad of celebrities from Pakistani entertainment industry who want to switch off their routines, their devices and their lives.

Take for example; Anoushey Ashraf who said “I can’t think these days, it’s like my brain is #SwitchedOff”, similarly Feroze Khan has posted “I no longer have the energy to go to the gym. #SwitchedOff”, Mehwish Hayat said “I’m so done with my morning jog routine #SwitchedOff” and yes, the best one so far is by Mehreen Syed saying she decided to Switch off her phone.

And there’s more…

Hey! Wait, what? What is this! What is happening?

We’re just common people and these celebrities are somehow someone’s motivation or inspiration, and if they don’t do what they do then how will they remain anyone’s role model?

After careful consideration, lots of thoughts and asking many people in this regard, we came to a conclusion.

Though we cannot decipher anything certainly but there is something we noticed in their statuses, which is “Lack of energy”. Our celebrities need a boost. A jolt to wake them up, it is very shocking and interesting at the same time that they are all switching off from things they usually do? Maybe they need a step back and need to re-think or they need to get organized and come back again with something really new or with a Big Bang?

We’ll be glad to hear our reader’s opinion on this whole scenario! As now our minds have also # Switched Off until further notice…


Click here to find out how the celebrities turned their Life Ka Switch On!

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