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Paragliding in Lahore!

Exploration is something infused and embedded in our human spirit. From the men of caves to the modern era this whole journey can be explained as growth and the passion to do more. This is something that sets us aside from our fellow planet dwellers and even to an extent other humans as well

Those who grow around us and achieve something are able to do this only because they venture out of their comfort zone and trying something new.

To fly is one of those “unassailable’s” that man has been trying to achieve for many years in various ways.

Paragliding is one such way through which one can experience the feat of flying, infact its as close to actual flight as one can get without growing wings. As one is taken up in the air with support and then can float around on the way back to ground.

When we hear the word ‘paragliding’ the first thing  which comes to mind is jumping off a cliff or experiencing it at some beach – one simply cannot imagine paragliding happening in Lahore, but it is true that this activity is happening here.

paragliding in lahore adventure

This particular kind of paragliding is called “Parallel Surface Paragliding” where the flyer is connected to a cable which is pulled by a flat surface vehicle with the wind pressure pushing the parachute the flyer rises in the air and after reaching a certain height the cable is detached.

A Lahore based non-profit adventure club known as ‘Octane Adventures’ organizes various adventures related activities such as Traveling, Trekking, Hiking, Camping, Paragliding, Karting, and Rafting. A few weeks ago this same club organised their eighth paragliding activity in Lahore. This time, it was open to public and the response of Lahore was amazing even on a very hot Sunday morning.


Interestingly the number of female flyers were more than the male flyers.

Noor, a medical student said, “It is indeed the most daring thing I have done. Heights are scary no matter what. However, once I was up there it became enjoyable. The pilot and team are both very professional and it makes one feel safe and comfortable.”

“It was a great experience. The weather on the ground is very hot but up there it was very pleasant so the whole experience and the sight from up there is matchless”, said Fatima a housewife.

“Everything looks tiny from there, I felt like I was actually flying like a bird.” 

“One must try such activities and make their weekend worthwhile. Such activities test one’s nerves and boost confidence. I believe girls should take part in such activities more often to prove that trends of being adventurous are changing”, said Lahore based student Fizzah.

Lahore, as a city has been famous for festivities and cultural activities but growing extremism and security situation has curbed the spirit of Lahore as we knew it. However, with changing time and improving security the spirit is being rekindled and clubs like Octane Adventures & such activities are proving that the passion of Zinda Dilan-e-Lahore is still alive and kicking!

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