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Pepsi Battle of the Bands starts with a bang

Pepsi Battle of the Bands is a great opportunity for all the music bands out there, it’s giving everyone a chance to be a part of Pakistan’s biggest music battle. Pepsi Battle of the Bands is all about nostalgia starting from its promo song where the 3 stars paid tribute to Vital Signs and Alamgir.

The 1st Episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands aired on July 30th, the jury of the show included Fawad Khan, Meesha Shafi and also Aaroh’s Farooq Ahmed. The show commenced with tryouts of quite a handful of capable bands! The judges are searching for the best bands that will be shortlisted to proceed in Main Rounds to fight it out for the best spot. With the victor of Pepsi Battle Of The Bands set to get the music record arrangement of a lifetime, the candidates bring forward their A-grade talents to awe the judges’ board.

Pepsi Battle of the Bands

In the first episode of the show, the exceptionally talented Ayesha Omer the host for the show gave the presentation of the skirmish of the groups. She explained that the prizes that the band who wins the Pepsi Battle of the Bands will get that will surely set them up for good in the long haul.

The first episode featured the auditions of a myriad of bands, out of which our favorites were OB Positive with their rendition of ‘Aitebaar’ and Jasim and the Pindi Boys who represented the colorful city of Rawalpindi and came together from different starts to form something in the name of music. We also admired the gender inclusive bands; Naqsh led by Mehak and Shajr which included Nimra. And lastly, Kashmir’s rendition of ‘Hamesha’ by Entity Paradigm hit a mark.


If you’re a fan of covers, you must check out Sachal Studios’ instrumental take on Game of Thrones soundtrack.

The judges closed the scene by saying that they can see the ability and love the assortment the bands brought to the table. With such a mixed blend of sounds and energies, ideal from the get go – we are attached to our TVs, holding up with jagged breath till the second scene of the definitely and legitimately notorious, greatest music battle in the nation; Pepsi Battle of the Bands.

If you haven’t seen the 1st episode yet, click here.

What’s your take on the participants? Share your faves in the comments below.

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