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Putting the ‘B’ in Lollywood: Mehrunisa V Lub U

Danish Taimoor and Sana Jawed seriously bring on the heat in their first song to be released from their new movie Mehrunisa V Lub U.  The romantic song depicts a familiar scene: snow capped mountains, a flowing chiffon sari and and an actor with badly bleached hair (or is that a hair piece) flailing his arms against the wind.

Almost every comment says the same thing – why is there so much Bollywood in this Lollywood song?

One answer could be the music itself. It’s a sweet, soft track with low-key tunes that makes you flashback to the days of 1990s Bollywood films. Most of us know  Sukhwinder Singh’s voice for hits like Chaiyaan Chaiyaan and it strikes all the right notes in Beliya.

But it’s not famous Bollywood lyricist Gulzar’s poetry or Sukhwinder’s vocals that spark the time warp in the song. At first glance this could be a song featuring Shahrukh and Madhuri, or Shahrukh and Aishwariya or Shahrukh and Kajol.

The Pallu Walk

In fact, some of the scenes seem to be directly lifted from our favorite films. The song opens with the popular “pallu as a prop” that Mohabbatein fans will remember from Hum ko hum hi se chura lo. Instead of an all white outfit with a salmon cardigan, Danish Ali chooses to go dark with a crew neck salmon tee.

The Yellow Field

What is it about a field of yellow flowers that spells youthful romance? Ever since Dil Waley Dulhaniya Le Jayeinge released in 1995 every other Bollywood director has wanted a piece of this scene in his film. And now director Yasir Nawaz embraces the cliche by taking his matchy matchy dressed actors into a field of wild flowers.

Same same but different

Did Sana Javed just go shopping at the Big Karan Johar Hand Me Down Thrift Store? Is Kajol wondering who stole her sari from Dil Waley? Did someone actually think putting a glob of snow in the middle of her giant fake pallu was an aesthetic choice. These are burning questions and we need answers.

Some commenters have criticized the steamy scenes between Sana and Danish in the song – they get quite up, close and personal. But considering it is a song about passion, romance, and the yearning between two lovers the intimacy seems to make sense.

The movie will release on Eid-ul-Fitr.


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