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Seven lessons I took away from #INDIE2017

In a world of passive consumerism and monoculture, The Indie Art and Craft show comes as a refreshing reprieve where you can actually meet the makers of what you buy.

What makes indie crafts special is the spirit behind the product. Every vendor has a story behind how they started and a passion for what they do. This creates an atmosphere less focused on the ever expanding consumption of goods and more about community and a support system for artists and crafters.

Exchanging merchandise from behind a screen is too impersonal, and this event provides crafters with a space and opportunity to interact with their customers face to face.  Getting to know the person you’re buying from highlights the connection of putting your money where your heart is.


Walking through the beautiful individual stalls certain things become clear. Here are a few of them:



The inclusive and all-embracing spirit of the show is its strength. You don’t need an advanced degree or tons of investment to be successful here, just a good idea and a take charge attitude. Young people are more likely to buy fun individualized affordable products so it makes sense for young people to make them. Whether its Nur of Nur Organic Studio creating scrubs from natural ingredients like matcha green tea and oatmeal or Bisma of Bisma Creativity hand-making adorable decoration pieces with her younger sister – these 10 year old girls are poised to be the impresarios of the future.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the fandom shows no signs of slowing down. The books are a cultural touchstone for anyone who grew up reading them so it unsurprising shows up in their work in a variety of ways.

Get your very own wand from Doodle Diaries or a bookmark that solemnly swears that you are up to no good or a cool print to hang on your wall .



As useful and convenient as a tablet might be, a glowing screen can never fully replace the tactile magic of a paper notebook. Whether you fill up every page or cannot bare to mar the pristine page, notebook lovers are always on the lookout for a new addition for their collection.

Iff’s collection has gorgeous leather bound ones with old fashioned fastenings. Prisms and Paintbrushes has some tiny delightful tongue in cheek ones and abees99creativity has artsy floral ones.


Even if you didn’t bring much cash with you, you could buy a little something to remember a vendor by, and look them up later. AK Toonify has Rs100 prints Busy Little Hands has small play dough boxes for under Rs100. Fridge magnets from Bingle Mania can fit budget.



Something unique and specific will always feel more special than generic mass produced items found everywhere.

Antique A’s truck art inspired trays tell a story, and her khussas are lovely. Beautiful beaded dolls from Heartfelt Crafts feel as culturally relevant as they are fun. Pop art handbags at Blends perfectly balanced kitsch and sophistication.

Traditional block prints and embroideries get a new refashioning take at Pooja’s



While there were millions of products to buy on hand for instant gratification, the main advantage of a fair like this is to get to know crafters and their work so that you can call on them later.

Embillidors makes beautiful albums and a personalized memory books as a keepsake forever.  Rangoli by Emm Zee shared photos of her henna art and distributed free fragrant flower bracelets with her card, ensuring that guests remember her name.

Abeer of Ak Toonify was offering discount vouchers for toons with every purchase.The artists at Hunar Paaray create custom calligraphy for customers names of initials.

Wonderstruck displayed samples of their 3d live casting models.


Buying things for other people is almost more wonderful and satisfying then getting something for yourself. Surprise someone with a one of a kind painting from Maryam’s art, creative light bulb planters from Namoonay, bright eye-catching cushion covers from Mera Art, off-beat but fashionable jewelry from Holly Doves Secrets or unique garden accessories from Funparaz. So many vendors in one place ensures that everyones taste is represented. Find that special something for a loved one is no longer an impossible task.


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