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Warp Bags: The future is geometry

Have you ever wanted to carry a piece of art that can hold your lipstick? Just as origami can transform a simple piece of paper, WARP reimagines leather bags into accessories of the future. The traditional tote and hand carry is warped into a functional piece of futuristic fashion.

In a world where bags are emblematic of status and prestige, something that deliberately breaks away from conventional shapes and ideals of beauty is the perfect anti-fashion statement.

The sheer symmetry and structure of these purses is stunning. The range includes a roomy tote, mini bags and a convenient wallet with chain. All the products are handcrafted of top grain goat skin leather and plated accessories.

Here is why we are drooling over them:


Angular bags and outfits have been making appearances on international runways for the past two seasons. Designers like Roberto Cavalli and Viktor & Rolf have shown us that a little geometry can give a lot of edge to an outfit.


The brand is a popular favorite of the supremely cool Dear Orange Marmalade’s Hira Ali who has been spotted carrying the Hexella mini more than once.

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I must confess when I first saw the mini Hexalla I thought it was a bit awkward – the shape though interesting in a purely aesthetic sense looked bulky for a ‘mini’ bag but when I opened it,  I realized the bag had enough room for daily necessities and is ideal for a quick lunch.




The large Hexella tote in Tuscan announces your presence in the room – it cannot be ignored like a simple black clutch. It takes up space, and demands attention allowing you to do the same. This is no mere handbag in which to carry your belongings. It is an object of art in and, of itself.

For more information on WARP check out their site.

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