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What went down at the Sapphire sale

How long would you stand in line for a Sapphire jora?  The style stampede is at it again. Hundreds of women across Pakistan made a beeline towards popular women’s wear retailer Sapphire for it’s bi-annual fifty percent off sale and the crowds were nothing to sneeze at.

The last few years have seen some security issues with customers fighting it out for kurtas so it’s no surprise that shoppers headed to the mall before opening hours. Take a look at what’s been happening:

This is not a fire drill. This is live lawn action from Dolmen Mall in Karachi.

When lawn forces us to become Pindi boys waiting outside the mall.

The shop may not be open but shoppers are. First come, first buy it all and sell it online later.


Neither rain nor shine, nor  body odor will keep us from our lawn. We…need…lawn.

The West has long lines for Apple and Hermes and we have lawn lines. The race is on but I think ours may be crazier.

And…the doors finally open! No, it’s not a zombie horde that has caught the scent of living flesh. We do not envy that cashier.

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