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3 Bahadur – Movie Premiere

Another first in the cinematic industry of Pakistan; 3 Bahadur is the first animated full length feature film. A joint production of ARY Films and SOC Films, Waadi Animations released the movie earlier in the month of May 2015. Gluco by EBM held an exclusive premier of the animated film where media and celebrities were invited to watch the movie. 

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3 Bahadur – Movie Premiere

One of the most organized and seamlessly managed premieres we have attended so far, no crazed fan mobs at Fawad’s appearance and no long faces at certain movie releases. 3 Bahadur premiere was attended by quite a few names from the industry along with their little ones and was well covered by the media channels.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy was present at the venue to greet all the guests, which added a nice personal touch. There was a 3 Bahadur photo booth for the fans to take pictures with the movie characters and APR as well as Lotus PR did an amazing job as ever.

3 Bahadur – Movie Review

Amina, Kamil and Saadi are set to be the role models for many a pre-teens in the near future. The plot revolves around these 3 kids trying to rid their town; Roshan Basti of the vices of native evil lord  called Mangu. The film makes use of super powers both good and evil given to the children and the villain respectively and goes to show that even the smallest of efforts by the littlest of minds can make a huge difference.

Verdict: Highly recommended for kids!

“3 Bahadur is has been a very special project for me because it is years of hard work in a genre that very few have explored in Pakistan. This film has been made possible because of the talent and dedication of exceptional illustrators, writers, animators and visual effects artists. It is a very local story – our aim is to give Pakistani children the chance to see people like them on screen for the first time in a story that reflects upon the things they see around them. Animation in this country may be in its infancy but I firmly believe that there is a place for all sorts of mediums and stories within the Pakistani film industry.” – said Academy Award Winning Film Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

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Photography Credits: Ali Chauhan

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