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Winter Skincare: 3 tried and tested face oils

Having sensitive, combination skin has now brought me to adopt a simple skincare routine after much trial and error. Having removed creams, soaps and practically all face products from my life has given me fresh skin that is less likely to break out or give me skin problems!

I now use a medicated face wash prescribed by my dermatologist, only when I need to wash off makeup. Just cold water has been my saviour, along with light organic face oils that I have been using over the years. While our harsh summer isn’t ideal to rely solely on oils, I feel it just takes a bit of getting used to.

Here are my picks for which oils worked best for me:

Unrefined, pure coconut oil


Easy to get your hands on, pure coconut oil is my all time favourite. Though it’s a little heavy for the face, a couple of drops on my damp skin are enough to keep my face moisturized for the whole day. Keep in mind that this rich oil is better suited for dry skin, and make sure you’re using virgin cocount oil, because the refined version is known to clog pores.


This magical concoction came into my life a few months ago, and while I was initially skeptical it has now become a part of my regular routine. It’s light, absorbs quickly and has a soft scent too. The best part is that it’s as suitable for summer as it is for winter.

Argan Oil


It wasn’t until later that I came to know that argan oil is suitable for all skin types since it’s not too heavy, nor too light. It has served as the perfect moisturizer for me, and significantly helped soften dry patches on my skin.

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