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6 Color Trends For Summer 2019

Lately Instagram has been flocked with color on color on color and the IT color of the year has turned into plural.

We were always huge on neutrals but have embraced the life of color and you should too! It doesn’t just pick up pictures you take, it gives an air of confidence you didn’t know you had – not to mention the compliments that rain down and inspiration you may give someone else!

Here are the colors you should be investing in in 2019:

Sorbet Pink

This is like a chic ode to barbie or to a flock of elegant flamingoes. Trust us, this is an eye catching color – in a good way! If a more minimalist aesthetic is your style, style your look with one part of the color – be it a coat, a top or even shoes and bags.


Pistachio Green

The color that has trumped ALL colors this year is the unusual but soft shade of green, Pistachio. A color that speaks of instant delight. It’s a much needed subtle slip into your wardrobe to give it that much needed lift!


Pale Yellow

As we fall into… Fall (see what we did there?), neutrals will of course be a part of the game changing trend and what is better than  sunny yellow than a paler version of it? The good news is, it’s

Lovely Lavender

The subtle version of purple which has an easy elegance to it and brings color into your wardrobe quietly but with impact. Wear it as an outfit or pop it in as an accessory – it finishes a look with a touch of class. This is definitely our go to shade this year!

                               (Photo by Catwalking/Getty Images)


Tangy Tangerine

A juicy color that makes a statement – and to be fair, be it summer, spring, fall or winter, this is a delicious shade which is appreciated in all seasons! You can even wear it head to toe and it’ll still work!


Ice Blue

The new black this upcoming season is, ice blue. It’s subtle yes, but the power is in that subtlety making it the King of all colors to wear, where walking into places will assure a turn of heads and enable others to want to indulge in the same shade as well!

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