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8 Times SuperModel Fouzia Aman Made Us Go ‘Wow’

In honour of her birthday, we picked 7 WOW moments of high fashion and beauty shots of what makes this woman the super model that she is!

Also remember, Fouzia has been in the industry a LONG time and has earned her place at the top. Needless to say she’s one of our favourites and we wish her a very Happy Birthday, full of love and light!

In elegant ruffles by Faraz Manan 


Shot by Ali Warsi Photography in an all black outfit, Fouzia looks sleek here!


Regal in Umar Sayeed, shot by Shahbaz Shazi 


A Queen in Adnan Ansari


A vision in jewels by Nazish and beautiful bridal by Hoor Qasim, shot by Adnan Qazi


Proving models have off duty style, in Sania Maskatiya


Bold in Balmain



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