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Things To Do In The City Of Lights: Karachi!

Karachi is long known as the city of lights and now the city of perseverance.

So why does everyone complain so much about getting bored and not knowing what to do? We shall give you pointers, dear reader, which will help open your eyes to a possibility of new wonders – or old wonders especially if you are visiting after a long time, or completely new to the city itself!

Take a local trip around town with Super Savari or Jalebi Express!

See the sights and sounds of old Karachi which include its heritage sights and delicious street food. Revisit the city by day or night, depending on when and how you want to see it. They offer both day and night tours!


From bun kebab, to the thaila wala fries, to bhutta! And visit all the eateries you can. Karachi is known to be a foodie’s city! We have it all – from desit Pakistani food, to thaali, to French, Italian, Japanese and even Mexican food! We would name all the restaurants but don’t want to offend anyone we mistakenly leave out (after all they are SO many sprawled all over the city!)

Go to the beach!

You absolutely cannot reside or visit the city and not go to French Beach or Hawkes Bay. If you want something more local and don’t mind a crowd, there is seaview beach, but we are huge fans of French Beach ourselves and go there on a regular basis on Sunday’s!

Visit the local cloth markets!

Be it Aashiana, to Plaza all the way to Rabi centre! Get inspired by the fabrics, colours and even the beautiful laces to make your own outfit! These days everyone is following the designer path, so why not attempt to make your own outfit too? (yes boys, this includes you too!)

Visit the local art galleries and sniff out exactly why the art scene is so big here!

There is so much talent, but the best way to pass your time through these galleries is knowing which ones are showing what works. To name a few, we have Clifton Art Gallery, Koel, Canvas, VMA, Gandhara, Full Circle etc (the list actually just goes on!)


Go to the farmers’ market on Sundays!

You want organic food? Breakfast cooked for you on live egg stations, and a fun filled day for kids like music and painting? This is the place to go! That’s not all, they often sell organic produce and products and sometimes, books!


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