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Edition Travels: A Tale Of 4 Cities – Rome, The First Stop

We know what you’re thinking, readers, and yes, we borrowed the main title from Mr Dickens and tried to make it our own, but rest assured it’ll be well worth it!

A Summer full of Italian joy and wonder was how we planned our 2 weeks and let us tell you, no writer can do it justice. The sequence of travel was Rome > Florence > Venice and finally,  the fashion capital, Milan.

We started our trip with….


Rome is a city with tales as old as time. A history so rich, so well preserved, it feels like it is just time that has passed, and the structures have remained as they are, and ever so beautiful.

We didn’t g0 with recommendations and opted to eat at every nook and corner restaurant –  experimenting is all the fun and to our delight, Rome gave us clean flavours and lip smacking Gelato from Venchi, a branch you’d find all over the country – and with good reason!

Every street  turned has a museum or a Palace once upon a time – still maintained at best. It’s unbelievable as to how rich even the courtyards were – so princely even now and the sound of the horses hooves hitting the cobblestone paths outside transport you to the times that once were.

One of the main attractions which is always busy with tourists day and night, is the Trevi Fountain, which is the largest baroque fountain in the city. You will often see people turning their back and tossing a coin into the fountain. Legend has it, that coin toss will help ensure a return to Roma! No wishes guaranteed folks so don’t make any. We gave it a visit both during the day and night as our hotel was not too far off.


Places to see: The Colosseum: take the tour! you won’t understand roman architecture until you see and experience it first hand. Old palaces and homes to Princes in literally every other street you turn into. The Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel – you cannot visit Rome and miss seeing the cultural heritage and art. It would be advisable to book tickets in advance so you skip the line and go with a tour guide throughout the tour which lasts about 2 and a half hours.

At the Vatican you are thrown into a beautiful wonder that is a city within a city. Aside from the rich history behind it, there are hundreds and thousands of paintings, murals and sculptures from decades ago by the famous Michelangelo and the likes of other artists. Throughout the walk from the Vatican to the Sistine Chapel we were hit by the wonders of carpets and tapestries hanging on the walls.

The Sistine Chapel demands silence and observance. Do not disturb the fresco! Yes, that infamous fresco by Leonardo DaVinci which took him four years to paint for no pay via the then Pope and which caused him blindness three times. He left for florence to become a sculptor and was called back 24 years later to paint ‘The final judgement’

We were hoping to get a glimpse of the Pope because he was there that day but we had a train to catch for Florence!

Next on the agenda: Florence – stay tuned!


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