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Ali Zafar involved with Patari in undermining Faris Shafi’s work

Recent evidence, revealed to Dawn Images by an anonymous source, shows a conversation with a request allegedly made by Ali Zafar to change the placement of a track by Faris Shafi (Meesha Shafi’s brother) and Ali Sethi, listed at the top of Patari’s ‘New Releases’ list. The request was seemingly entertained by Patari.

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This is the latest in a series of controversial events that have come up regarding Patari. First, CEO and Patari’s co-founder Khalid Bajwa was accused of sexual misconduct, resulting in him stepping down from the company. More recently six employees, including interim CEO Ahmer Naqvi, resigned from Patari claiming that Bajwa continued to make decisions despite having stepped down.

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“There was a separate matter relating to the placement of the song tile of Faris’ song on the Patari App,” Rabeel Warraich, interim CEO of Patari, told Dawn Images when asked about the matter at hand. “There was again an internal debate which resulted in a call to temporarily move Faris’ song tile off the home page, so as to provide the company with the time and space to engage with the aggregator that provided us with the music, and explain to them the thought process behind the decision which was not personally targeted. After communication with the partner, Faris’ song was scheduled to be reinstated. It is important to note that, Faris’ track always remained on the platform and is still featured in the ‘New Releases’, on the app’s landing page, throughout this debate.”

“After stepping in as interim CEO, and being made aware of the leak, I checked the timing of the various decisions, which were all done before the aforementioned leaks,” he added.

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Ali Zafar was accused of sexual misconduct by fellow artist Meesha Shafi earlier this year, and cases lodged by both parties are currently filed in court.


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