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‘Alif Noon’ set to make a comeback— on the big screen!

PTV’s iconic comedy show Alif Noon is all set to be reinvented as a feature film starring the talented duo of Shahzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi. This will mark Shahzad Roy’s film debut as an actor and Faisal Qureshi’s first directorial venture.

The original Alif Noon featured two protagonists by the names of Allan, a clever, street smart guy, and Nanha who was a simpleton. Allan’s attempts to guise his clever tricks using Nanha as a stooge were inadvertently ruined by Nanha’s innocent and simple minded nature, in a hilarious turn of events. Their adventures made for an entertaining watch and ended up making the show one of PTV’s biggest hits.

Of course that was a different time altogether and we are curious to see how the creators will make the characters and their situations relevant to current times.

Alif Noon is a revival of a classic comedy and famous characters but with a modern twist. The characters will not be from the 80’s. Alif Noon is in fact a new modern version of them belonging to today’s era, so whoever has seen the old classic and even the new generation who didn’t, will be able to enjoy it”, Faisal Qureshi explained in a statement to the media.

Aiming for a 2019 release, it will be interesting to see how the film version will fill in the very large shoes of the original Alif Noon!


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