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#AlkaramWoman takes Instagram by storm!

Textile giant Alkaram continues to rule the market with their consistent approach and aesthetic designs. With summer season looming close, Alkaram has launched 135 unique designs, to cater to all ages and moods with their spring Summer Collection.

Setting a great precedent and bringing forward one of the biggest collections of the year, the choices brought forth are endless! Soothing pastels, vivid hues, popping prints- you name it they’ve got it! Using the finest fabrics to create striking, distinctive patterns their collection has also gone viral on Instagram with many female stars wearing the fun prints. From Mehwish Hayat to Sadaf Kanwal, Hareem Farooq, Sana Javed and many others, it’s great to see the variety of prints on such graceful women.

We love how this unique colour suits Mehwish so well

It ain’t summer without some icy blues to keep you cool

Don’t forget the chic dupatta for that perfect pose

Simple and elegant done right

You can never have too much blue in your wardrobe

Another soothing number to beat the incoming heat

A touch of embroidery makes for the perfect lunch outfit

Just the kind of chic print we’ve been looking for!

Some lavender tones are a summer must-have

Black is a year round favourite

You know you want it if a supermodel is wearing it!

And of course some white to keep us cool

Alkaram shows how any woman can be an #AlkaramWoman, be it a star or a homemaker. We all deserve the best when it comes to quality and design and that’s a promise the brand continues to fulfill.

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