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Amir Liaquat and the much-needed ban

One of the first times Amir Liaquat came under fire was when a behind-the-scenes video of him speaking profanities went viral. He then issued an apology and continued to cash in on his immense popularity by jumping from one channel to another, with each show more elaborate than the last.

However, his true colours were visible each time he pulled a stunt for ratings or for popularity at the expense of others.

Like when he gave away a new born baby to a childless couple live on television! This stunt got international attention as well and we still can’t wrap our head around it.


Or the time he literally shoved a whole mango down a man’s throat. Gross and disrespectful.



And the time he invited Tahir Shah on his show and ridiculed him.



There are countless other such incidents that left many appalled and wondering why the authorities are taking no action against this crass behaviour displayed on-screen. Then finally last week Amir Liaquat was  served a ban (not for the first time though) by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) for the month of Ramzan, with his Facebook page also removed after being reported by numerous users.

However, in less than a week the ban was lifted. Reportedly, the anchor person is now allowed to appear on TV but not do a Ramzan transmission. Hence in no time Amir Liaquat is back yet again and up to his usual antics…









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