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Amna Baber calls out harassers in Instagram post

Award-winning supermodel Amna Baber took to Instagram yesterday to share a harrowing incident. According to her post, a few young boys on a motorbike followed her around while she was driving alone, hurling insults at her and making obscene gestures. When she took a picture of them one of them flicked her and they only ran away when her mother hurled her shoe at them.

This is obviously not the first time an unaccompanied girl has been harassed in Pakistan. The questions that Amna asked, and what we all need tackle collectively is ‘why do men feel the need to threaten women and girls and when will this ever stop ? Why do people just stand and watch, and why is this acceptable?’

Previously, model Zara Peerzada also took to Instagram to call out profiles for trying to solicit models.

What is even more disturbing are some of the comments made on Amna’s post by supposedly literate, educated people. Are these the men we are raising to send into society?

It is high time we shift from training our girls on how to think, dress and conduct themselves in public and focus on the boys.

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