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Anda paratha is not the sehri of champions

Anda paratha is a household favourite in all desi homes since as long as most of us can remember. However, the classic meal can get boring every day – not to mention there are healthier alternatives available for a happy roza. These breakfasts will convince you to mix it up. Here’s why anda paratha shouldn’t be on your sehri dastarkhwaans this Ramazan:


  1. Makes you thirsty

The last thing anyone wants in the flaming months of May and June is to get thirsty barely 30 minutes after sehri. Even if you accompany anda paratha with a few tablespoons of yoghurt, you’re still bound to get thirsty. A chapati with yoghurt and a peach would do just right!


  1. Difficult to digest

Whether the egg is fried, poached or in omelette form, it’s heavy and with a paratha, way too heavy! Nobody wants their sehri digested too soon but you sure wouldn’t want to burp a lot (bad manners alert!). A bowl of oatmeal with honey and fruits would taste superb and keep you happily full.

  1. High on carbohydrates 

We all want to flaunt those branded dresses that we spent a hefty amount on, don’t we? A nice salad along with a tall glass of milk or a bagel with your favourite fruit would do way better.


  1. Oily food causes acne

You wouldn’t want your face and neck to be scarred with pimples near Eid, would you? Have a mango smoothie with a sandwich instead.

  1. Eggs with paratha are bound to land you an “ewww”

Being extremely rich in proteins, eating eggs can cause halitosis, that is, bad breath (OMG!). So if you find people running away from you, don’t be shocked! Scrambled eggs with chicken and toast with a cup of tea would keep you satisfied all day.

  1. Proteins + Starch = Bloating

Unless you’re an active person, the delicious meal of an anda paratha is going to leave your belly feeling swollen and you are bound to embarrass yourself in public (eek!). Try eating baked fish with mashed potatoes with a glass of your favorite juice.

  1. Lethargy

You’ll be sprawled over the couch while groaning about not being able to complete tasks at work just because you feel lazy! Imagine yourself sleeping over your laptop at work and your boss waking you up! After such a heavy sehri this may very well be a reality opt for a veggie & cheese wrap as a light but filling alternative.

8. Causes heartburn

Known to be a filling chow, you will end up with acidity that will ruin your day at home or work. You can substitute with shami kebabs with roti and raita.


9.Not a completely nutritional meal

Although anda paratha has proteins, fiber and carbohydrates, it’s not a healthy meal. Try to include vitamins, water and minerals as well in your Sehri menu. A mixed vegetables bhujia with roti would be an excellent choice.

10. High in cholesterol

Since there’s a high amount of fat involved, your cholesterol level will go up and you may encounter several health issues. Balancing your meal with milk, veggies, fibre and fruits is vital.

11. Plaque in arteries

Regularly eating egg yolks builds up plaque in arteries, hence there’s a huge risk of a heart attack. Boiled or poached eggs with toast and tea is a sound Sehri.

12. Excessive proteins cause kidney problems

When you consume too much protein, you also take in extra nitrogen and force your kidneys to work harder than usual to get rid of all the unnecessary nitrogen. Over time, this can damage your kidneys.


13. Wheat is high in Gluten

If your body is intolerant to Gluten, you should certainly avoid wheat. A healthy cereal followed by rice and gravy would do the trick!





Diabetes patients should go pick freshly baked bread with a mixed fruit salad.

15. Takes time to prepare

Waking up early to make anda paratha is not possible for everyone. Make your life easy by eating beans, grains, dairy products and fruits for Sehri.


Be wise, mix it up and eat healthy!



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