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Anmol Baloch Speaks Out Against Men Who Shame A Womans Way Of Dressing & We Love It!

In the age of tolerance, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, aurat march and so on and so forth, there seems to have been an animal born of even bigger intolerance – and directed at, surprise surprise, women.
Recently, Anmol Baloch spoke out via her Instagram story to let it be known that NO ONE can tell her how to dress. We at Edition are of course mortified that such comments and judgements are still being made and passed and spoke to her.
We noticed an uproar on dressing recently. Can you tell us something about that?
It’s discouraging that given the rapid movement towards women’s rights, there’s still that same small minded rhetoric about wearing something that’s slightly revealing. So yes, the uproar was disheartening but sadly expected. Until we don’t look towards having an open mind, we’ll forever have a closeted way of thinking.
Do you think there’s a blurred line in modest and immodest dressing?
In the country and industry we all live and participate in, there have always been age old arguments on what’s considered modest and immodest. It’s different for all respective opinions, but in my humble opinion, everyone should wear what they feel like wearing. There shouldn’t be a limit on expression.
What do you think would change the narrative of how people think and comment on this?
We as public figures can try and change this perception, but it’s ultimately up to the person to elevate themselves and think with an open mind
How do you deal with these types of comments and reactions?
I just switch off. People are always going to comment and react, and I can’t expect it to always be the way I want it to be. Criticism comes with everything.
How would you discourage the thought process of how you dress represents your character?
I dress only for myself. If I’m playing a character, I dress for them and what they represent and think. But overall, I dress for myself. Not for the portion of people who spew negative thoughts.
AMEN to that, sister!
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