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I think it’s going to be a spiritually fulfilling experience for me: Armeena Khan on her upcoming visit to Syria

With the ongoing plight in Syria, many celebrities have taken to social media to express their concern. Actress Armeena Khan is all for taking action, and has announced that she will be visiting Jordan to hand deliver donations and Zakaat to the war-torn refugees of Syria.

“There is a huge camp in Jordan, and I’m going with a team…there is no safety concern because it’s on the borders of Jordan and I will get to meet the refugees first-hand,” Armeena told Edition.

A little kid surrendering to the camera (this broke my heart). I have been following this conflict for years and I finally have had enough. It is time to do something, it is time to do what is in my hands. So my dear ladies and gentleman, I have decided to go out there myself to hand deliver donations, zakat to the war torn refugees and children of #Syria. This is the HOLY month of #Ramadan so start it off with a good deed. Please donate generously as everything will be HAND DELIVERED by myself and the team. The link is in the bio, I hope that you will do your bit in giving these poor children some hope in their lives. Thank you so much, please spread this as much as possible. #ArmeenaKhan @humanrelieffoundation @sairahzafar @hrfnorthwest @shareennawaz @nayna_ray #War #Conflict #Justgive #Fundraising ❤️ ****Please SPREAD the word****** LINK IN BIO***++

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“I am collecting funds directly from the people, for the Human Relief Foundation, and I will be going myself to hand-deliver donations, Zakaat or any other contributions people might make,” Armeena shared with us. “I will be bringing back stories, I will be seeing firsthand what it’s like [over there]. I think it’s going to be a spiritually fulfilling experience for me and that is why I wanted to go myself, I wanted to see the working of a charity and how things are done in depth.”

Other than helping the refugees with monetary funds, Armeena is also looking to eradicate the stigma attached with the word ‘refugee’. “…There is a belief that they are somehow mentally ill, or there are problems with them of a degree that is not normal. I feel these are myths that I can dispel by talking to them directly. I will be broadcasting the stories live.”

The actress has been part of many philanthropic causes, the most recent being a fundraiser by the Graham Layton Trust, a charity organisation that provides free eye care to underprivileged Pakistanis.


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