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Mansoor Murad

  • My kingdom for a decent cup of coffee

    Normally, when you (grudgingly, and with the right level of embarrassment) admit that you like your coffee black, with no sugar,...

    LifestyleMansoor MuradNovember 1, 2017
  • Bite of Bonsai: Yet another Pan-Asian restaurant

    The restaurant scene in Karachi has recently seen new entrants come in waves. There were the seafront restaurants serving barbecue and...

    LifestyleMansoor MuradSeptember 18, 2017
  • All that glitters: Aurum by Maryam Maaz

    Karachi enthusiasts got a taste of accessories this week thanks to the finely curated collection of Indian costume jewelry by Maryam...

    EventsMansoor MuradJune 16, 2017
  • Come dine with me: An evening at Loco

    Loco, is the latest ‘it’ restaurant to open its doors in Karachi. As word spread the euphoria was great, and so...

    LifestyleMansoor MuradJune 16, 2017