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By women for women – PAXI TAXI

Amongst the various programs that were launched on the International Women’s Day, PAXI was the one that brought the biggest smile to our faces! The new pink taxi service has quickly become the talk of the town – which is the first women-exclusive taxi service, by Women for Women.

The new taxi service debuted on 8th March 2017 as a treat for women in our society, which has appeared as a pleasant beam of sunshine in the murky atmosphere of this era where the mere thought of public transport is intimidating for women. In the present scenario Paxi Taxi will serve as a positive and timely step in the right direction towards empowering women as conveyance is a huge problem in Pakistan for the fairer sex and this service seems like a brilliant idea for those who feel insecure using public transport.

PINK PAXI chose Karachi as the first city to debut their services. Paxi will be driven by women drivers and will be accessible to female customers only. The aim of this service is to provide an environment where not only passengers feel content but is also safe for women drivers.

Paxi offers three services primarily:


2- The PINK TAXI – Women driven taxi

3- The PAXI TAXI – Regular taxi

We think it’s a great initiative taken for the women in our society, that came around on a very befitting day i.e. Women’s International Day. Wishing all the best to our lady paxi drivers. Kudos to the administration!

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