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What are celebrities hoping for in 2018?

Let’s get real – just because numbers change on a calendar at the strike of 12 o’ clock doesn’t mean that our lives will get any easier or problems will vanish. The only way to turn your life around is with positive energy, spirituality and chocolate! Set your resolutions, have a game plan and know that if it’s anyone who can make 2018 your year, it’s you.

It’s not just all of us who’ve been contemplating about our New Year’s resolutions, here’s what our favorite stars have been gearing up towards to conquer 2018!

1.Ahsan Khan

“To give back to the society. Do something for the country and give more time to my family”

2.Faysal Qureshi

“2018 mei film karni hey bas!”

3.Ali Kazmi

“I don’t really believe in just having a New Years resolution, one’s life should be a resolution to try, just try, every day to live it to its max potential! We only get one chance! Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it! So let’s keep our reactions positive, our souls alive, strive to be better humans and just be better! Live, laugh, love and all shall fall into place! Happy new year to all and may the force be with you!”

ali kazmi

4.Shahroz Sabzawari

”I take my work life as a boxing match. So my resolution is to train harder and get better for the next fight!”

5.Armeena Khan

”I don’t believe in new resolutions anymore because I’ve discovered they distract you. It is best to finish ongoing projects and keep it consistent. Slow and steady wins the race.”

6.Kubra Khan

”To visit at least two new countries – explore their cultures. Their Adaab and Lehaaz. Also, paint more. Most importantly – as every year, stay tightly close to my core.”

7.Osman Khalid Butt

”Be more of a hero, less of a victim in my own narrative. Travel more, laugh more, keep negativity at an arm’s length.”

8.Tooba Siddiqui

”To travel more to the parts of world I haven’t seen, explore nature and have a healthy lifestyle!”

9.Zahid Ahmed

”I resolve to be wiser than making a year long resolution and instead of focus on being a better man better husband better father with each passing day.

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