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Exploring Pakistan with Coke Studio Explorer

Only about a week old, Coke Studio Explorer is turning out to be a much talked about initiative with its great vibe. Taking us from Kashmir to Sindh and from Balochistan to Chitral, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi are exploring Pakistan in a truly beautiful way and people are enjoying it with them.

Coming to the music itself, the first number called Pareek sung by Ariana and Amrina from Kalash, Chitral is sweet and endearing. Fresh, happy and pure, these two youngsters are  all heart and their energy catches on.

The voices from Sindh sing Faqeera – a tribute to the local saints – bring a catchy tune that immediately gets one upbeat. Especially loved little Vishnu’s unique voice.

Next up we had Naseebaya sung by Mangal, Darehan  and Shayan from Sohbatpur Balochistan. We love the beat that the song begins with, plus the combination of the traditional Baloch riff with modern electric sounds really works. More than the song itself, one is happy to see a side of the Baloch people which we don’t get to see often enough.

From Lahore, we get to hear the Instagram find Mishal Khawaja singing a more or less traditional romantic number with Ali Hamza on the guitar. Mishal has a powerful voice which will certainly be taking her places in her singing career.

Coke Studio Explorer ended with Ha Gulo sung by Qasamir from Kashmir. We love Altaf Mir’s soulful voice combined with the fun element in this song. Even though one may not understand the language, the emotion transcends that and moves the listener.


While each number is unique and worth listening to, what has struck us most is the beauty, purity and hope in each of the voices and their beautiful surroundings. In these troubled times initiatives like these are more than just about the music; they are a glimmer of hope. The talent, the beauty and the optimism that we get to see and show the world are proof that there is more to our country than just the problems.

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