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Colgate launches Palmolive Flawless Clean Soap

Charcoal is the latest new beauty trend and now thanks to Palmolive Naturals it’s easier than ever to try it. The brand has launched the advancement for healthy skin: a cleanser with charcoal powder. It is the best of both worlds –  a charcoal mask (complete with with 100% natural charcoal powder) plus a cleanser that clears the skin.

Our skin is a magnet for germs and grime. Every day we need to cleanse our skin which is why products with activated charcoal our increasing in popularity every day. Charcoal is proven to remove dirt and soften the skin. Palmolive flawless soap beautifies the skin.

The simply packaged soap is visibly sprinkled with non-abrasive grains of charcoal that remove oil and prevent break-outs with out damaging skin.

1. Cleanser smells great.
2. Does not leave a sticky inclination.
3. Great Packaging.
4. Moderate cost.
5. Simple to discover at any neighborhood retail store and general store.

Cons: None.

Over all, this is a shower cleanser that will help you feel squeak at the end of a rough day.

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