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Densifique by Kérastase Paris

Kerastase Paris has launched Densifique – An innovative hair care range for increased hair density in Pakistan.

The Densifique range promises to nourish hair with e blend of a sophisticated luxury and high level science to result in denser, luxurious strands.

Kerastase Densifique is a densifying ritual for luxuriant sublime hair that conveys three manifestos: abundance, luxuriance and suppleness.

“When it comes to hair, most women have their own ideal, yet all dream of having silky-soft, thick and shiny hair. This is possible, provided that hair regeneration is activated to reveal hair that is invisible to the naked eye. “”Densifique”” targets the hair follicles (where the hair grows), making it the most scientifically advanced hair treatment that results in thicker, fuller hair.” – Eric Pfalzgraf 

Hyaluronic C, Gluco-Peptides and Stemoxydine are the three active ingredients utilized to create this hair care range which supposedly optimizes the hair cycle, regenerates hair growth and enables a significant improvement in the number of hair per square centimeter.


Instantly: hair fibre is texturised.
After 10 days: added body.*
After 30 days: added density.*
After 3 months: 1700  new hairs are revealed.**

You can achieve the desired results after 3 months of regular application following the standard Kerastese ritual; Bath, Treat, Regenerate and Texturize.

Densifique - 4 steps

Kérastase Densifique products are now available at select Kérastase Salons in Pakistan along with a premium densifying in-salon ritual.

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