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Divas of Karachi: Reality hits Pakistan’s elite

Good news for all of us who hate-watch episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with their high priced lifestyles and higher drama melt downs the flamboyant, high functioning socialites of Pakistan now have a show of their very own to record their hijinks and achievements.

Divas of Karachi casts familiar faces from the society pages in a reality program style docuseries that showcases the challenges and joys of life as a socialite in Karachi. We follow fashion designers Hadia Khan and Mohsin Sayeed, jewelry designer Nazneen Tariq, former model Uzma Khan and author Ainee Salim as they navigate their busy lives and complex relationships.

In the first episode we see shots of a jewelry auction interspersed with dusty side streets creating an uncomfortable contrast that our ‘divas’ are not oblivious to. Unlike the Real Housewives, the Karachi divas are socially conscientious and discuss how terrorism has impacted the city even in the joyful bubble they seem to inhabit.

Senain Kheshgi’s series lends us an inside look into the lives of the power brokers and trend setter of the fashion world with a dose of wisdom and laughter.



The first episode is hilarious and we cant wait to see what the ladies will get up to next!

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