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‘Dracula’ comes to Karachi!

Happy Owl Productions created a theatrical extravaganza by putting together the classic musical Dracula, for audiences in Pakistan. After running successfully in Lahore, the play opened at the Arts Council Karachi from 10-13 May.

The drama thriller is directed by Saihaam Gulzar Khan and Mahnoor Zaidi, produced by Maaz Khan Alvi and Ridda Ali. It includes romance, music, dance, action and much more!

The story revolves around Dracula, played by Daniyal Ayatollah, and his resurrected lover Mina, played by Jahan Ara Chugtai. It’s a story about love, loss and redemption portrayed on stage with state of the art graphics and great music.

Here’s a look at the happening opening night of the play:

Ammar Gulzar Khan, Ayesha Omar and Shazia Ammar


Frieha Altaf and Nida Butt


Director Asad ul Haq and Farah Haq


Anoushey Ashraf, Frieha Altaf & Ayesha Omar

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