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Dress Up Your Feet For The Eid Season!

We are ONE WEEK away from Eid and our focus has been the menu, our clothes and Eidi! So often we forget to dress up our feet for special occasions until the very last minute.

Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with 3 of our favourite local brands in the heart of Karachi which fit the bill for this festive season!




A hint of a bracelet, or rather an anklet and a hint of a disco ball. The Selene sandal is literally a party for your feet in gorgeous silver!





Traditional with pops of bling. The Iman slide is versatile because you can wear this to dinners, lunches, weddings and Eid itself!





A variation of the Selene sandal, in gold!  Colours make a huge difference, so always invest in something you will get a lot of wearability out of!







Who said braids were just for your hair? Now you can wear them on your feet and in a glorious gold shade called Raya.




Rosettes in three shades, creating the garden of Eden look with a soft femininity which is fitting as these are called Eden Gold!





Bahar is encrusted with beads, pearls and sequins. Fancy but subtle – the perfect finish to any outfit!








The Wildflower is perfect for those who late to make a statement from the feet, up! These are our favourite from Soma’s collection – but we can’t just pick one colour way.





Lily & Sasha, for the  girl who likes her bling! Again, we have two versatile choices which can last you through several occasions, not just Eid!





For the traditional girl, you have the old school elegance of khussas, but Soma’s creations aren’t just your ordinary khussa – you have a WIDE range of variety from plain, worked, leather etc. You absolutely can’t just pick one!






Get your favourites before you can, online or at Ensemble, while you can!



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