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Edition’s Best Dressed This Week!

Every week, our radar is hit with a Ping! Ping! Ping! on who is heating up our social media timeline!

From week to week, we see celebrities, models and socialites bringing their A game and hitting all the right notes.

This week, these are the most fashion-forward women, in our opinion, and if you want to learn new styling tips and tricks, look no further:

Who: Maira Pagganwala

What: A beautiful kurti by Muse

Where: Karachi


Who: Mushk Kaleem

What: Mahgul Official

Where: Cafe Flo


Who: Mehek Saeed

What: COS

Where: Lahore


Who: Sadaf Kanwal

What: A Uniqlo top with Massimo Dutti pants

Where: Cafe Flo


Who: Soraya Bakhtiar

What: Bash Paris

Where: Kensington


Who: Malaika Hasan

What: Pleated pink top with white pants

Where: Karachi


Who: Zantiana Saqib

What: Nida Azwer

Where: Karachi


Who: Maha Tahirani

What: Menahel Mehreen

Where: Karachi

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