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Everything that went wrong on social media this week!

It’s been an interesting week so far, with some ko-ko-Kontroversies! From Momina Mustehsan and Shireen Mazari’s Twitter argument to a young child becoming morning show famous, to Hira Mani’s strange revelations; things kept getting more bizarre! Here’s a quick low-down on what you missed, in case you just woke up from hibernation:

It started off with a viral video of this young Pathan child, Ahmed, that of course brought him to Pakistan’s Hall of Fame, I.E. our morning shows.

Hosts, including Nida Yasir, tried to get Ahmed to re-enact the situation by making him ‘angry’, which perhaps was cute the first time around but cannot be made a practice on television people! It’s about time someone took child psychology seriously here.

Then there was the most hyped Twitter exchange when Human Rights Minister, Shireen Mazari, expressed distaste for Coke Studio’s version of ‘Ko Ko Korina’, and Momina Mustehsan decided to call her out by quoting Uncle Ben from Spiderman…

The next morning co-singer Ahad Raza Mir joined in with some terrible spelling mistakes in his tweets that were too difficult to ignore…

Next up was Hira Mani’s appearance on ‘Speak Your Heart with Samina Pirzada’, where she revealed some strange details about her relationship dynamics with her now husband Salman Sheikh, more commonly known as Mani. According to Hira, she was already engaged to be married to someone else when she fell for Mani, while Mani was dating her friend!

We call that infidelity, which is wrong on so many levels…

The trolling for Hira was already pouring in when things went to a whole new level with Mani making an Instagram post mocking the Me Too movement, leaving us speechless.

The post has now been deleted and Mani has taken to Twitter to “apologize on behalf of [his] PR guy who posted it by mistake.”

Amidst this mess, Mansha Pasha made an apt tweet calling out some problematic statements made by women in our entertainment and fashion industry.

Referring to Hira Mani for her comments made on ‘Speak Your Heart Out With Samina,’ Sadaf Kanwal for her remarks regarding #MeToo on ‘Tonight With HSY’ and Momina Mustehsan’s response to Shireen Mazari’s criticism, Mansha’s tweet summed it all.

However Sadaf Kanwal, who had questioned why women don’t speak up the moment they are harassed on her ‘Tonight with HSY’ appearance, responded to Mansha’s tweet in her own way.

“Hum apko kapore pehana seekhate  hain ap hamey bolna seekhado (We teach you how to wear clothes, you can teach us how to speak)” Sadaf captioned a selfie on her Insta story, making it pretty clear what/who she was referring to.

And that is this week’s social media drama summed up!

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