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From the experts: Palwasha Yousuf busts common hair myths

Everyone has their own tips and tricks to make hair grow faster, be healthier, shinier, etc, but how much truth is there in these age old statements we’ve been believing simply because or mom said so?

Myths or facts? We checked in with hair expert/stylist Palwasha Yousuf for her expert opinion and here’s what she had to say!

Trimming hair frequently makes it grow faster

“Yes. Trimming hair frequently does affect the growth of hair. If you leave the dead ends/split ends for too long, hair will become weak and break midway.”

Plucking one grey hair will give you more grey hair

“No. Although its better to cut the grey hair instead of plucking it out, either way it will definitely resurface in sometime since the follicle is very much there but plucking grey hair does not effect the other follicles.”


Don’t dye your hair during pregnancy

“It won’t ruin your hair but as a stylist, the only reason I wouldn’t recommend colouring your hair is because of health reasons. The products that are used while colouring your hair leave fumes which can be unhealthy for the child.”

Switching shampoos regularly makes hair healthier

“Yes, switching shampoos can definitely have an affect on the texture and growth of your hair. It’s advised to change your shampoo every 4 months but only in situations where your current shampoo is giving you hair problems.”

Brushing your hair 100 times a day will help it grow

“Brushing your hair creates blood circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth. Yes, brush it as much as you can.”

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