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Fareha Zarsheen – the home based designer you need to know about

With the fashion industry growing steadily, it’s also becoming increasingly difficult to find the right kind of innovation and creativity. Coming across Fareha Zarsheen’s home-based label, we were pleasantly surprised! A mother of two, Fareha is a supermom and designer who works on limited pieces, which enables her to focus on details and personalisation.

Focusing on mostly formals and bridals, the designer gives the necessary attention and time to her clients. “I like to meet with the client and design their outfit based on their personality and preferences,” Fareha told us.

Her design process begins with personalising sketches of the outfits, which are then shared with the client for approval before proceeding with the work process on the outfit. This kind of personal attention and involvement is hard to find and sets the designer apart!

Fareha came under the spotlight a few months ago when an outfit designed by her was compared to Anushka Sharma’s bridal ensemble. Fareha’s outfit was designed before Anushka’s and some even labelled her as the Sabyasachi of Pakistan!

Although she has participated in various events and exhibitions in the Middle East, Fareha maintains that her favourite design job is to create bespoke bridal outfits for the quintessential Pakistani bride.

Here is a look at some of the luxurious pieces by the designer:

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