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Farhan Saeed Opens Up About Suno Chanda 2

One of Pakistan’s favourite shows, Suno Chanda was a special romantic comedy series directed by Ahson Talish and written by Saima Akram Chaudhry. It is different in content from run of the mill sitcoms and was produced by Momina Duraid under their production banner MD Productions. It received 4 nominations at the 18th Lux Style Awards including Best Television Play and has also been dubbed in Arabic and aired on MBC Bollywood.

Suno Chanda 2 aired this year over Ramadan and has been an equally successful hit, following the lives of Arsal and Jiya!

We sat down with Farhan Saeed the infamous singer and actor, who plays Arsal on the show, and asked him what almost everyone is probably itching to know:

How does it feel to see the second part of the Suno Chanda series on air?
We didn’t see it coming but the fans demand was phenomenal and now its on air and it’s a
huge success and it feels great!

Do you feel your character on the show has evolved?
Well Arsal was married at a young age and this is a transformative age when you realize life isn’t a bed of roses and this point on, their journeys are going to evolve itself too!

How has your experience working with your co stars been?
It’s been great. It’s a fun on and off set family to work with. There’s great energy all round
and that’s one of the biggest reasons why doing Season 2 became a possibility.

Where do you see Suno Chanda the series, heading?
Well its being followed on such a scale that its become our responsibility to check what
message we’re giving out. And its crucial to draw the line between the relationship of Arsal
and Jiya in season 1 and 2. They must learn to coexist.

Any surprises or spoilers for us?
I think its best to find out on screen!

Who would you say is the funniest character on and off set?
Everyone is very funny. Shahana my mother is hilarious. Jalal Pupha is very funny, DJ is a
very cute character and overall its just a really fun set to work on.

If you weren’t playing your current role, who do you see yourself playing on SC2?
I’m not sure but I think any good actor would do justice to Arsal.

Should we expect Suno Chanda 3?
Honestly I don’t think so.

Let’s see if Farhan is right.. What if there is a Suno Chanda 3 in the works? After all, Jennifer Anniston said the same after both, Season 6 and Season 8 of Friends, too!

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