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Fashion Pakistan Week – Day 2 Highlights!

Day 2 of FPW opened with Stella Jean, a Haitian-Italian designer who works in Rome and is considered to be Giorgio Armani’s protégé. Highlighted by the New York Times as the most convincing of all the New Gen designers in Milan, there was much to look forward to as she unveiled her collection ‘Laboratorio Delle Nazioni’ meaning an Italian-Pakistan bridge which was a multicultural collaboration with the local artisans of Chitral, Gilgit and Hunza.

Stella Jean

We saw Mushk & Alicia in this collection during Milan Fashion Week in just pictures, so it was lovely to see the girls in it again. The collection was fun, and had some pieces we definitely had our eyes on.


Humayun Alamgir

With the ethos of ‘these men shall be who they want to be’, the ensembles echoed the European influence that has been massive over the years. Using flamboyant designs with perfectly finished looks for men using fabrics like wool, velvet and even fur in a posse of some of the well known men in the media industry (Shehzad Sheikh, opened the show for Humayun followed by Agha Ali in a red velvet sherwani, Fahad Mirza in a black velvet suit, Ali Safina in a colorful blazer, Asad Siddiqui in a deep purple velvet suit and Muneeb Butt in sky blue) to the soundtrack of Joker by Gary Glitter made famous by Joaquin Phoenix with his signature dance moves on the steps  (this part we weren’t too sure about because what the movie stood for and what this collection stands for are vastly different. Just using the song would have sufficed! – Too soon.)


Pink Tree Company

Those of us who have a passion for cinema are well aware of a credit ‘Life in Technicolour – this is what Mohsin Sayeed brought to the runway with a nod at classics such as the Wizard of Oz, Aan, Anarkali and Gone With The Wind, his pieces were embellished in various techniques of zardozi in glittering gold, the collection sparked memories of an era when cinema was magical, stars distant and glittering in their finery. Not their best collection, but Mohsin always brings the WOW factor!


Zuria Dor

This collection was a representation of women and their strength as the ‘Centre of Gravity’. The
18-piece collection was divided into nine modern pieces that were showcased in Paris, as well as nine
regional pieces that defined the craft and artistry of couture.




in the 21 st century, the collection was inspired by Mughal Art and showed modern designs and aesthetics, while picking up on new fashion trends, it focused on the woman who wishes to shine through her individuality. The brightly colored collection, with loose cuts and drapery
emphasized inclusivity and independence for the real woman with Hina Altaf as the showstopper.

Splash – Street Style

Splash showcased a splash of modern cuts and styles. They claimed to be taking
inspiration from the global phenomenon of ‘Street Style’, but what Splash showcased seemed like something we have seen over and over again in high street brands – and not the Zara type…. eek.

Maheen Khan 

Finally, the evening came to a close with a breathtaking show by Maheen Khan. An eclectic, curated
collection of upcycled samples made their way on the runway from the Maheen archives, some old,
some new, some borrowed from their new collaborative effort with Indoi and Sundus Talpur – a sculptor
and jeweller. The collection celebrated a legacy of strong women who fought for something else, something
new, something different. Leading influencer moms including Salima Feerasta, Fuzzy Faruque, Amal
Qadri and others ended the night with a power!

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