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Our favourites from the #TenYearChallenge!

The current trend on social media is the #TenYearChallenge where people are sharing their transformation photos to show how they’ve aged over the last decade. Some are being funny, some are being brave and some are just having fun!

Of course our celebrities are part of this social media craze, and here are some of our favourite transformations:

Sadaf Kanwal

Talk about glam up!


Syra Shahroz

Still super cute!


Anoushey Ashraf

How has she not aged a day?

Shaneira Akram

Lovely still

Yasir Hussain

Transformation Thursday anyone? 


Amna Baber

Just a reminder that we are all mere mortals, but Amna Baber might have become a goddess

Zaid Ali T

This boy was always meant to entertain, it seems

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From 2009 to 2019. #10yearchallenge

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And of course the trolls are having a field day too…



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