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Six Fenty products to make you shine like a diamond

We love Fenty Beauty for introducing 40 shades of foundation to cater to all shades of skin – especially desi skin which does come in shades other than medium warm.  But if we have learned anything it is that Rihanna isn’t just a one trick – she always has more to offer.

Even though the hype from the first drop hasn’t even died down, Fenty Beauty has launched a holiday range called Galaxy and it is sparkles! Here are our favorite products from Fenty so far:      


Portable Highlighter Brush
This retractable highlighter brush is made for strobing on the go, thanks to its deftly angled brush.



Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo

This is a gorgeous weightless cream-powder hybrid that takes your highlighter game to the next level.


Step aside Huda Beauty! The new super pigmented and super sparkly Galaxy palette by Fenty is everything a desi girl needs the day before her best friend’s mehndi.


Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliners

These limited edition glitter eyeliners are part of the holiday collection. Rub when dry to reveal a surprising glitter effect.


Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter

A fusion of glitter, pigment and gloss these beauties can be layered on top of lipstick for a 3D effect, or used alone. They come in four shades – Gal On The Moon (light pink), Spacesuit (peach), Plutonic Relationship (hot pink) and Astro-Naughty (garnet).


MATCH STIX Shimmer skinstick

When all else fails grab the handy dandy MatchStix – this is the glow product to end all glow products. Available in ten shades ranging from Unicorn (platinum lavender) to my personal favorite Chili Mango (sun kissed orange sheen) the stick can be used as a bronzer + blush + highlighter depending on how you layer it.

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