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5 reasons to watch the upcoming ‘Ghamand’

Starring the very talented, senior artist Noman Ijaz, the multi-talented Sunita Marshal and budding star Minal Khan, Sadia Jabbar’s latest play, ‘Ghamand’ begun on  A-Plus Entertainment! Penned by Saira Raza and directed by the brilliant Asim Ali,  Sadia Jabbar, known for her in depth character development and captivating narratives, brings the story to our screens as producer.

One episode in, here’s why we find the story intriguing.

1.      The talented duo

Noman Ijaz and Sunita Marshal are working together after around 8 years and having them work their talent together is a treat to watch.

2.      Starlet Minal Khan

Aiman and Minal Khan have fast risen to become sweethearts of the industry and this drama happens to feature Minal in an innocent role of an adoptive daughter, which we find quite fitting for her.

3.      Abuse of Power by the Rich

This is a dominant theme in Ghamand. Sunita Marshal is shown as the spoiled daughter of a filthy rich businessman, who believes she can buy anything with her father’s wealth. Sadly, she won’t be able to buy the loyalty of her husband and this is what will lead to conflict in their marriage.

4.      The Double Personality Galore

It is evident from the promos that Sunita, a.k.a Rania is not going to be the only manipulative and selfish character in the serial. Noman Ijaz will likely be using her for his ulterior motives, and it will be interesting to see who wins this war of deceit.

5.      Focus on suffering children

From the teasers it seems that Sunita is out to take revenge from her husband, but he isn’t the only one who will suffer. Her adopted daughter, played by Minal, will also face the brunt of the incident.

The serial airs every Friday at 8PM on A Plus. Be sure to tune in!

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