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Gigi Hadid Catches Prankster Who Ran Onto Chanel’s Runway At PFW!

This afternoon, a woman dressed head-to-toe in what resembled a full Chanel look just stormed the most prestigious design houses’ show happening in Paris.

The unidentified stranger sat quietly for the duration of the presentation, until the very end until the models took the runway to make the finale round of the Parisian rooftops that formed this season’s set and jumped up between them and joined the procession, to the bemusement of the audience and security guards alike (given her tweed suit, some thought she was a model who had somehow gotten lost on the runway).

She further joined the models as they leaned and posed on the faux chimneys, railings, and AC unit until…. Gigi realised something was wrong, and she and a group of models surrounded her and led her off the runway.

It’s safe to say that it’s unlikely this stranger will be receiving an invitation to Chanel’s show henceforth, but at least she got her 48 seconds of fame which you can watch in the video below!

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