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Game of Thrones is back, and face it you’re a fan!

Without exaggeration, almost the entire world has been awaiting the release of the final season of the world’s “most watched TV show”, Game of Thrones, and Pakistan is no exception.

Those unfortunate enough not to watch it, will still incessantly post memes and statuses about how they haven’t ever seen a single episode in their life. What do they expect from this fabulous achievement? Best we’d do is summon such miscreants to the night’s watch.

It also raises a pertinent question, if they don’t watch GOT, what compels them to even bother to talk about it? Maybe they don’t want to feel left out of the frenzy that’s taken over the world, so as long as they too have a status that somehow mentions #GOT, it’s all good. Maybe they feel lazy about doing a full 7 season catch up, but considering how much time they spend on posting about not watching GOT, they could have actually just watched it in that time.

Either ways, we’re ALL fans.

Whatever it may be, season 8 episode 1 premiered a few days ago, and it surely didn’t disappoint. One noticeable change was the quirky comedy at the most unexpected times, which we think was a welcome addition.

Jon Snow going for a ride on the dragon’s back, a scene that should otherwise be shown as fearless, magnificent, royal, pure bad-assery, was more like Jon on a bouncy chair or a kid on a roller coaster with a face like Harry Potter when he sat on a broom for the first time!

Similarly, Jon’s kiss with Daenerys in front of the waterfalls probably made him wet his pants, until he catches a glimpse of the dragon eye-balling him and letting out puffs of smoke as a warning, is when Jon realised it wasn’t the kiss that caused the pant-wetting.

Then there’s the scene where Tormund along with a group are exploring a destroyed home in the dead dark of the night. They hear strange sounds from a corridor, it’s haunting, it’s creepy, they’re expecting their worst nightmare, the White Walkers, and the ‘enemy’ leaps at them, fire lanterns are lit in a second. One man from the ‘White Walkers’ group shouts “stay back he’s got blue eyes!” Tormund shouts back “I’ve always had blue eyes!” It’s comedy that you’d least expect and that’s when it hits you more.

Of course the highlight of the episode was Sam telling Jon that he isn’t Ned Stark’s bastard son, he is in fact Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s legitimate son, Aegon Targaryen; the true heir to the Iron Throne, the Protector of the Realm etc etc.

The pace has been set for an emotional last season, which will probably end in a huge battle. Will love win, or will it be the birth right to the throne ?

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