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GoT Episode 2: Comedy wins again!

The second episode of Game of Thrones season 8 got leaked a few hours before its release and the last scene showed that the White Walkers have arrived a few miles from Castle Winterfell !

Cersei Lannister was meant to send her entire army to fight alongside the rest of the “unlikely alliance” of the Starks, Targaryens, Un-sullied, Baratheons, Greyjoys etc, but she pulled a last minute conniving trick, in-line with her character. She wants the rest of the houses to fight off the White Walkers, and whoever survives out of them (which is not going to be a lot) Cersei will send her well rested gigantic army to kill the remaining and become Queen of the Iron Throne.

And here’ an unlikely prediction: wouldn’t it be amazing if the White Walkers along with the alliance end up uniting to take down the Lannisters?! And they live happily ever after! That might become a bit of a ‘Rajni Kaanth’ ending.

The most powerful scenes in this episode were where Lady Brienne vows on behalf of Jamie Lannister, (once a staunch enemy) that he is a man of honour and will keep his word. The next scene was when Jamie Lannister returns the favour by knighting Lady Brienne.

Although it was an ad-hoc ceremony in front of a few drunk misfits, the words of a knight, with that epic background music, and the tears of joy from Lady Brienne gave meaning to the true magnitude of what just happened.

It was just before this ad-hoc ceremony that the funniest of scenes took place. Don’t we all know a BIG CHORI BAAZ? Well, the clumsy Tormund started telling a story of how he once killed a giant when he was 10 years old, and then went to bed with the deceased giant’s wife, who thought Tormund was her son, and so he got to drink giants milk and so he became big and strong… meanwhile the rest of the group were all giving each other the “excuse me stares”, seeing right through his chori baazi.

Seems like the final battle is not too far away! What are we going to do once its over ?

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