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Harrowing Monday For The French

The historic monument commonly known as Notre-Dame De Paris(Our Lady of Paris) was in the midst of renovations. It attracted millions of tourists every year. The same cathedral played a role in Victor Hugo’s 1831 novel “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”. The french Gothic masterpiece from the medieval that has stood 226 ft tall above Paris since the 1200s caught fire on Monday April 15th, causing some serious damage as many witnessed it’s spire and the entire roof collapse. It’s a difficult time for the Entire French Nation. Thousands gathered around the Cathedral observing the flames in silence. Many wept, while others prayed and sang hymns(A song of praise). Not just the Parisians, but the Catholics all around the world mourned as their eyes witnessed the symbol of beauty and faith and the glorious house of prayer in flames. The loss was felt universally.

By the end of it all, the firefighters claim to have successfully salvaged both towers of the Cathedral and it’s most precious artwork from any further spreading of the horrendous blaze. Social media too was ablaze at this atrocity and people from around the world tweeted about this incident

Barrack Obama Americas ex president was not the only one who spoke of loss, there were those who thought this could not be just plain fire for example Stefan molyneux the host of freedomain radio.

Pictures coming out of this chaos are indeed bone chilling and there is no stopping the barrage of them as people turn into gawkers as they often do on accident sites

One wonders how many artifacts are in there and  how many made it out. People are even alluding to the recent controversy with child abuse cases saying little boys dreams have been answered. Even the gargoyles that were known to protect and guard the Cathedral from any evil or harmful spirits were lowered for restoration so that is leading to a whole different strand of conspiracy theory. Whatever it may be, our thoughts go out to the French people at this time of agony. May the monument forever stand tall.

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